Anglesey Stick     £198

I am retiring from paddle making but would like to thank all past customers for their support. If you or someone you know would be interested in taking over the business, please feel free to contact me

  • The Anglesey Stick is a hand-crafted Greenland-style paddle, which is light, easy to control and can reduce the risk of shoulder injuries

  • The use of Greenland paddles has increased dramatically over the last few years, becoming the paddle of choice for a growing number of sea kayakers

  • The Anglesey Stick is a fusion of traditional design with modern paddling style

  • Hand-crafted from western red cedar to produce paddles of beauty as well as functionality

  • The Anglesey Stick has proved very popular - just take a look at what some of our customers say

  • Choose between the Standard Anglesey Stick in 3 lengths (small, medium, large)

  • Or order a Bespoke Anglesey Stick crafted to your specific requirements

More information
  • In keeping with the Greenland tradition, the Anglesey Stick is hand-crafted from carefully selected single lengths of western red cedar, a wood that has been used by indigenous people for centuries

  • Western red cedar is beautiful timber with a high strength to weight ratio and good resistance to rot and fungus

  • The Anglesey Stick is finished with Tung nut oil, which is water-resistant and provides a good grip even when wet

  • Anglesey Stick blades are normally less than 10cms wide and taper to a loom that is equivalent in length to the width of the user's shoulders

  • The blades are narrow so that they can be gripped anywhere along the length from loom to tip and are designed to be used for a more variable range of extended braces, sweep strokes and rolls

  • The natural buoyancy of the Anglesey Stick and its inline blades enable easier orientation underwater, making rolling and sculling much easier

  • Like all hand-crafted wooden artefacts, each Anglesey Stick will have its own fit and feel, with inevitable minor irregularities in the wood and shape, making the paddle as unique as its user

  • With an Anglesey Stick you will be amazed how quickly you develop a smooth, powerful stroke with a clean and quiet entry every time

Fitness benefits of using the Anglesey Stick
  • The Anglesey Stick is light, easy to control and can reduce the risk of shoulder injuries

  • The wider loom counters the tendency to grip too tightly, reducing the occurrence of aching fingers and tendonitis

  • A slender profile catches less wind, making it safer in stormy weather and reducing fatigue on long trips

  • The Greenland paddle stroke generally requires less effort


Standard Anglesey Stick     £198

  • For most paddlers, the Standard Anglesey Stick will work perfectly well and comes in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large)

  • The easiest way to check which length of paddle you will need is to reach your hand up as high as possible, and then hook your fingers over, as if holding the end of the paddle

  • This is the ideal length of paddle for your stature and this will usually match one of the Standard Anglesey Sticks

  • The loom on our Standard Anglesey Stick has an asymetric profile. We find this enables a more comfortable grip while maintaining positive 'indexing'

  • If you are not sure which paddle is right for you, please feel free to contact us for advice
Medium Anglesey Stick
The Medium Anglesey Stick (220cms) is for the average height paddler. You will probably have been using one of the many composite touring paddles on the market (e.g. Lendal Nordkapp, Lendal Kinetic), measuring 215-220cms.
Small Anglesey Stick
The Small Anglesey Stick (215cms) is a shorter paddle with thinner, narrower loom and a narrower blade. This is for a smaller person, possibly in a smaller boat.
Large Anglesey Stick
The Large Anglesey Stick (225cms) is a long paddle with wider, thicker loom. This is for a larger person, possibly in a larger volume boat.


Bespoke Anglesey Stick     £210

We think that for most paddlers a Standard Anglesey Stick is the best starting point when buying one of our paddles. However, if you would prefer to order a bespoke Anglesey Stick, you may like to consider the following points
  • Overall length (typical range is 210-225cms): the overall length of a paddle can be calculated by measuring as high as the paddler can reach with fingers hooked over the end of the paddle. If your torso to leg ratio is non-standard, you may want to measure your full arm span plus the distance from elbow to wrist as an alternative calculation

  • Loom length (typical range is 45-56cms): the loom length should be equivalent to the width of your shoulders, or the span of your grip measured with elbows against the ribs and forearms straight out. This is usually slightly narrower than the grip you may be accustomed to on a standard paddle

  • Loom thickness (typical range is 2.5-3.8cms): the loom is oval in cross-section, and should allow you to touch forefinger to thumb around the smaller dimension

  • Blade width (typical range is 7.5-10cms): you should be able to comfortably hold the width of the blade, between the web of the thumb and the second joint of the forefinger, in order to use the whole length of the paddle in extended manoeuvres. Most traditional blades were 7.5cms or less but modern paddlers often prefer a slightly wider blade. However, unless you have very large hands, a blade width of over 10cms would not be considered a Greenland style (we may still be able to make it for you, though)

  • Take a look at the photos on the right, which show how to measure up for a bespoke paddle

  • Please note, if you decide to purchase a bespoke paddle, we cannot provide a refund once the measurements have been agreed and work has begun (this does not however affect your statutory rights in terms of workmanship)

If you would like to know more about the Anglesey Stick or you would like to check something before ordering, please feel free to email or phone us

Mini Sticks for Junior paddlers     £138

  • Made bespoke for Junior (under 16 years) paddlers
  • Please contact us to discuss paddle sizing

Anglesey Stick

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Anglesey Stick

Anglesey Sticks and the Dwynwen

Anglesey Sticks

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Anglesey Sticks powering the Dwynwen

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