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I am retiring from paddle making but would like to thank all past customers for their support. If you or someone you know would be interested in taking over the business, please feel free to contact me

  • The Anglesey Wobbler is a Greenland balance stool, the perfect training tool for sea-kayakers to help improve core muscle strength and balance

  • Keeping upright on the Anglesey Wobbler requires quick reflexes, a flexible waist, with correction for weight shift coming directly from the spine and hips - essential attributes for all kayakers

  • As your sense of balance improves, your adjustments will become more subtle and relaxed, thus emulating what an experienced kayaker does without thinking in his/her boat

  • The Anglesey Wobbler is also an ideal training device for other watersports enthusiasts and could even be used for meditation and yoga practice

  • It would also be perfect for preparing the novice kayaker (of any age) to the way a sea-kayak tends to wobble when you first sit in it

  • Balance stools were said to have been used by Greenlanders to help their children get ready for the 'tippiness' of kayaks. Children were often given a meaty bone to chew while they used the balance stool, so that their hands were not available to help them balance!

  • You, on the other hand, could use it while you watch telly or read the paper, or play computer games

  • It's good fun and a bit addictive and can become pretty competitive when used by a group

  • The Anglesey Wobbler will also let you know if your hamstrings are too tight, as we are so unused to sitting without a backrest and with legs straight out in front of us these days

  • If you are looking for something even more challenging, what about the Wobbler Extreme? With rockers under the Wobbler, this will test your balance and core muscles to the Extreme

Two Anglesey Wobblers It is easy really The Junior Anglesey Wobbler shows how it

Anglesey Wobbler - Lemon ...    Anglesey Wobbler - inertia   
The Anglesey Wobbler

Anglesey Wobbler - mind your nose

Anglesey Wobbler - mind my nose

Anglesey Wobbler Extreme

Anglesey Wobbler Extreme

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