Dwynwen Double Sea-Kayak     £3750

The Dwynwen Double is a wooden sea-kayak in a class of its own, a thing of beauty and craftsmanship. Hand-crafted using a combination of traditional and modern tools, each Dwynwen Double is finished with its own unique deck of strip cedar.

The first Dwynwen was built as a wedding present for Paul's daughter and her new husband. (Dwynwen is the Welsh patron saint of lovers and founded a convent on the island of Llanddwyn, Anglesey where our happy couple were married on the beach).

Having realised what a joy it is to paddle the Dwynwen Double, both in terms of admiring looks from onlookers and the ease with which it glides through the water, Paul has decided to let others enjoy the pleasure of owning this lovingly crafted double sea-kayak and now builds bespoke boats to order (of course we would only ever paddle it with Anglesey Sticks but we will allow you to buy it for use with Euro paddles, if you must!)

Double sea-kayaks tend to be a less popular purchase than a single but we think that the Dwynwen Double fills a gap in the market and could suit the husband and wife touring team, young families with small children embarking on an early kayaking career or individuals with special needs that may otherwise be excluded from the joy of kayaking.

Dwynwen Double in more detail
  • The Dwynwen Double is relatively compact at 5.6 metres (18' 6") long, with a beam of 64 cms (2' 1")

  • The steep bow and near vertical stern result in a good waterline length and good tracking, with no need for a skeg or rudder

  • There is a suprising amount of rocker for a double kayak, which means that it still turns relatively easily

  • The combination of good waterline length and rocker means that the Dwynwen Double is far from sluggish through the water and will surf well, even for a double

  • The hull is manufactured from marine ply which has been epoxy-stiffened, sheathed in glass and finished with polyester resin

  • The deck is finished in strip cedar, coated in epoxy and varnish (and varnish and varnish ...), thereby displaying the beautiful and varied hues of wood that occur in this species of tree

  • Hatches are standard 'Kajak Sport' - round front and oval rear, seats and backrests are built bespoke, and there is an option for adjustable footrests or full bulkheads (we tend to recommend the latter)

  • Dwynwen Doubles are built bespoke to order

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long does it take to build a Dwynwen Double, once I have placed my order?
  •    You should normally allow 3 months from the date of order to delivery time

  • Do I have to pay in advance?
  •    We require a deposit of £500 when placing your order, with the balance (£3,250) due on delivery. Please note, we cannot provide a refund of this deposit once your bespoke requirements have been agreed and work has begun. We use the best materials available and are passionate about our work, so we would expect you to be very pleased with your Dwynwen Double. Your kayak is assumed to have been 'signed off' once it has left our workshop (this does not however affect your statutory rights in terms of workmanship).

  • Can I try the Dwynwen Double before I commit to buying?
  •    We can normally arrange for you to try the prototype but, please note, it has fixed bulkheads which may not accommodate all paddlers.

  • What about delivery?
  •    We expect customers to collect their Dwynwen Double from our workshop on Anglesey. If this is likely to pose a problem, please contact Paul to discuss alternative arrangements.

   Dwynwen Double at Pilots Cove     The bride shows off her Dwynwen Double     Dwynwen Double
Dwynwen Double at Porth Dafarch

Dwynwen Double deck

Dwynwen Double Cockpit

Dwynwen Double at Llanddwyn

Dwynwen Double in the Swellies

Dwynwen Double on the car

Dwynwen Double strip cedar

Dwynwen Double in action

Dwynwen Double solo

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