The Greenland paddling style

The Anglesey Stick is light, easy to control and can reduce the risk of shoulder injuries.

The method of paddling with an Anglesey Stick is not quite the same as you have been using with your 'Euro' paddle.

The best way to learn how to use a Greenland paddle is of course to get out there and give it a go, but in the meantime, have a look at the many videos available. The two video clips below show how to roll with an Anglesey Stick (in Milos, Greece and Menai Strait, Anglesey)

Video clips

Method in more detail
In brief, the method goes something like this:

  • The paddle is held low, with elbows close to ribs and forearms approximately at right-angles to upper arms

  • The torso turns as you make a stroke, with the arms swinging back and forth, not outward

  • The stroke is short, quick and circular, registering about 60 strokes a minute (Actually, I paddle a lot slower than that)

  • Greenland kayakers are renowned for effortlessly shifting their hands along the paddle to undertake an extended or partially extended grip for power strokes, braces, rolls and sweeps

  • It is very common to experience flutter when you first use a Greenland paddle

  • To counteract this tendency, it is important to relax your grip on the loom and try not to force the paddle through the water

  • All these new techniques can only really be learned by actual practice, so get out in some lumpy water for a blast

  • Try not to think about what you are doing with the paddle, and you should find it all comes together

There are numerous other videos on YouTube, which demonstrate Greenland paddling techniques.

See, for instance: Long distance forward stroke or Greenland paddle strokes:How-to

Anglesey Stick Double

Anglesey Stick on Menai Straits

Anglesey Stick at Rhoscolyn

Anglesey Sticks with the Dwynwen Double

Anglesey Stick at Stepping Stones, Afon Braint

Beginner using the Anglesey Stick

Anglesey Sticks with the Dwynwen Double

One Anglesey Stick with the Dwynwen Double

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