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I am retiring from paddle making but would like to thank all past customers for their support. If you or someone you know would be interested in taking over the business, please feel free to contact me

DIY Greenland style paddle       £88.00
Save £100, by making your own paddle

We supply:
  • A carefully selected length of 'Star Grade' Western Red Cedar
  • Tung Nut Oil
  • Construction Instructions
  • Tool list
  • Resource List
  • Email Support

Transition paddle       £78.00
The Transition Stick is a short narrow paddle that helps you move from a standard Greenland roll to rolling with a Pin (Norsaq) or just your hands. It feels as if you are holding a 'proper' paddle, but obviously offers much less support
The Anglesey Rolling Pin       £30.00
The Anglesey Rolling Pin is a small hand-paddle, ideal for developing the Greenland hand roll
  • The Rolling Pin inherits some of its characteristics from the Greenland spear-throwing stick
  • This small hand-paddle is designed mainly for fun
  • It can easily be stored on your foredeck and used for rolling if your main paddle were to be lost in a capsize

Anglesey Stick Bag       £30.00
The Anglesey Stick Bag is a simple nylon drawstring bag to protect your Anglesey Stick when in transit or on those rare occasions it is in storage
  • Made by hand from 4oz nylon with drawstring opening for ease of use
  • Protects your Anglesey Stick from abrasion when not in use
  • Bag takes up almost no space and can be easily stowed
  • Colours available (may vary): Turquoise

Paddle Care Kit       £18.00
Everything you will need to keep your Anglesey Stick looking as good as new

We supply:
  • Tung Nut Oil
  • Brush
  • Sandpaper (60, 120 and 240 grit)
  • Wire Wool
  • Maintenance Advice
Anglesey Rolling Pin in use

Anglesey Rolling Pin and Sticks

Rolling Pins at Newborough

Stick Bag

Stick Bag in use

Stick Cottage

Plas Newydd by kayak, on the Menai Straits

Llanddwyn Lighthouse

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