I am retiring from paddle making but would like to thank all past customers for their support. If you or someone you know would be interested in taking over the business, please feel free to contact me

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Paul Griffiths
Anglesey Stick
6 Rhyd Menai
Menai Bridge
LL59 5RG
United Kingdom
44 (0)1248 716671

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If you would like to follow Paul's blog on 'Thoughts from the maker of the Anglesey Stick and various wooden seakayaks', please go to Anglesey Stick Blog

What our customers say (more comments on facebook)

"I love it. Comfortable in the hand. Light. Well balanced. Dimensions perfect for me. The blade being slightly broader is capable of giving more power when needed. Excellent!"

"The paddle arrived today, and it looks (and smells) lovely! Can't wait to try it :)"

"Stick arrived safe and sound. Lovely bit of craftsmanship."

"Got the stick today. Looks and feels great. Can't wait to get it wet. Lovely bit of wood. Thanks"

"It arrived this morning. A thing of beauty! I can't wait to start using it."

"Great craftsmanship absolutely beautiful, I will be out on friday with it"

"Just wanted to say the Paddle arrived and has been used in earnest. Really first class thank you and no flutter!"

"The paddle is a perfect fit for me in size and grip. I am still learning to use it, but am going to enjoy the learning process. Very clever of you to get it so right And what beautiful objects they are."

"As promised a bit of feedback on my new paddle.
In a word, it's great. Really enjoying it so far and I have not found it to be much of an adjustment in style at all since I've always use my legs and turn in a way that fits with a Greenlandic. That's just the way I learned from paddling with Inuit in Labrador. It's pretty necessary to avoid arm tendon problems on the kinds of long distance trips I've done in the past. My initial comment about the thickness hasn't turned out to be an issue either. I quite like the feel of it now although my old pogies don't fit very well. Can you recommend pogies that people use with your paddles?
The only negative so far is the delicacy of the wood. I had a bit of plastic sticking out of my spray skirt the other day and after a few hours of paddling suddenly noticed a bunch of deep scrapes on the shaft. I've also put a bunch of dings in my blade from using the paddle to help me launch off rocks. I need to be more careful with this blade for sure. I also find when it's dry the blade kicks off a lot of water drips onto my head and neck. It's funny because it's usually a sign that I'm not stroking very smoothly, so a wet reminder! Then strangely as the paddle get's good and wet the effect seems to stop. I'm not sure if you've had this feedback before.
As for my wife's paddle she's less convinced. Her initial reaction was that it has to little surface area (not true, I told her!) and disbelief over the cost (I think it's worth every penny). She is actually just getting used to a brand new boat so I'm not pushing it with her yet, letting her use her old Euro paddle for now and using hers as my storm paddle. But she's also watching me race ahead of her with my Greenlandic so I'm hoping she'll be converted one day. Will keep you posted."

"Paul - the stick has arrived... A thing of beauty. I shall be on the sea tonight with it ..."

"As I have never seen a greenland style paddle before I guess I didn't know what to expect. Have used it this morning in driving rain on Ennerdale Water and it is amazing"

"picked them up from tnt this morning, rolled with them this afternoon, wonderful"

"I'm very much enjoying using my Anglesey Stick. I have no problem keeping up with my mates using their Europaddles and my shoulders are benefiting from the reduced stress. All I need now is to test it in some lumpy seas before becoming a complete convert."
Roger - Fort William

"Hi Paul, the stick has arrived, super fast I hasten to add, 1 day from Wales to Argyll is quite impressive! We usually have an extra day or two 'Highlands and Islands' courier delay here. I even called the courier up yesterday to ask when it was coming and they said definitely Friday or Monday, so I subsequently went out paddling for the day! But when we returned, there it was, leaning against my front door! The paddle itself looks superb, a piece of art really. My wife and I were saying how we weren't sure whether to hang it up on the wall or take it out to paddle with!! Anyway, thanks for getting it completed so fast and for the speedy shipping, much appreciated. Will go dazzle our kayaking pals with it now so hopefully you may see some future orders from them later! Thanks again"
Alan - Argyll

"Just a note to say thank you for the lovely stick we bought for my husband – and thank you for delivering it to us in Betws y coed (good timing!). It was a complete surprise for him. A beautiful piece of craftsmanship. We plan to try it out this weekend."
Hilary - Southampton

"I have now received my wobbler board. Nicely made; I have put a thin non slip rubber pad on the seat area as I found that when balanced & leaned over I slid off the board. (when wearing normal cotton clothing). Early days but I'm enjoying the areas of (board) paddling, edging etc. (eyes closed wobble boared is extra fun!) Looking ahead to being perfectly balanced (ha ha) on the board I may look at increasing the role angles by placing' steeper' angled roll plates to the standard arrangement. (attached via bolts) this may be either a daft idea or not needed. Anyway thanks for a good fun kayaking product"
Frank - Norfolk

"Just to let you know the paddle arrived safely today.
I have no hesitation in recommending you to anybody who wishes to buy a Greenland Paddle.
The advice I received and the customer service was first rate and I will add you to my list of people who go the extra mile to give a excellent service and quality goods (at the moment the other people are Nigel Dennis Designs who supplied me with my new kayak and Kari-Tek who supplied the Easy Load roof rack and trolley). It shows that there are still people out there who care about what they do."
Ken - Tewkesbury

"I've just received the paddle.
It's better than I imagined. It's superb, beautiful and will surely be the cause of envy of most of my buddies. You've made me a big surprise by sending a rolling pin. I can't wait to try to roll with it. Next week I'll send you some photos of me, the paddle and my kayak in action."
Rui - Portugal

"Thanks very much for the paddle.
I can now say that I am more than impressed, first with the paddle and additional rolling pin and also with the complete support provided by you from start to finish.
I tested the paddle yesterday and I felt very relaxed with the Anglesey stick and the rolling experience was very successful. I initially had a slight problem when rolling up on the right-hand side, but this was due to my own inexperience with the stick and to my slicing action. I had the problem sorted in a very short time and was then rolling up on both sides without experiencing any further problems.
I am extremely happy with my new paddle and, as already explained, also with the support provided. The speedy delivery and fast order-to-delivery procedure was a novel experience. I normally have to wait ages before things ordered from Great Britain actually arrive on my doorstep here on the mainland. Thanks for your help and all the best"
Roy - Germany

"Hi Paul, paddles has arrived this morning, many thanks for norsaqs! I much appreciated it, as this summer I would try to learn handrolling.
I just tested my own paddle this afternoon, it was quite windy and cold (for the mediterranean sea...) but I tried some rolling with my P&H Sirius M, who is quite hard to roll. I have others greenland paddles, but I think your paddle is the most responsing I have tried for rolling and bracing! It support easily my weight (I'm 100kg...), but it's very handly in the water and very effective in rising the kayak.
The shorter paddle is for a friend of mine, who actually is travelling abroad, so he couldn't test it. Many thanks again"
Gaetano - Italy

"Great product, excellent service and speedy delivery
Nigel Woodall - Gloucestershire

"The paddle really is a work of art and the colours of the grain are beautiful I'm really looking forwards to using it. Many thanks for your excellent customer service"
Helen Carter - Oxford

"Recieved the paddle this afternoon, looking good, nice craftmanship I had expected the paddle to be lightweight, but it's even more so than I thought it would be .. this is gonna give me much less strain on my shoulders anyhow, it's been a pleasure doing business with Adit"
Louis Smit - The Netherlands

"I took the stick out for a test run yesterday. Was surprised at its effectiveness for forward paddling and ended up using it for the whole day, despite having a split on my back deck for back-up.
It is very easy to roll with, both 'normal' screw and sweep rolls and well as the extended and slower Greenland style rolls. Also very nice for bracing and sculling. It is much more buoyant than a normal paddle. Was very impressed with the quality of craftsmanship"
Rod Feldtmann of Sea Kayak Milos

"Having used nothing else but a European paddle since I first started kayaking over 10 years ago, the thought of using a different type of paddle was as scary as it was exciting. My first impression of the paddle was that it was very light, which surprised me. Surely a piece of wood that big couldn't be that light?
After an initial bit of flutter with the paddle in the water (which was corrected by a tiny modification in my grip) the paddle seemed to power the kayak along effortlessly.
This type of paddle really suits my personal paddling style; I use quite a lot of trunk rotation which works well with the Greenland paddle. A lot of power can be generated once I got used to the paddle; the paddle even seems to respond quicker and more efficiently when the kayak is travelling at speed.
The paddle lends itself excellently to kayak rolling. I've used it to roll in both the sea and in a swimming pool now, and can easily roll in many different methods with it. It also works well for sculling for support, high braces and low braces, and especially for sterning with, due to its longer overall length when compared to its European counterpart.
Overall, a great sea/touring paddle that's well made and will hopefully last me for years to come."
Richard Hughes, Sport Development Assistant (Outdoor Activities), University of Leeds

"Now I understand why other paddlers describe kayaking as effortless! The moment I tried the Anglesey Stick I found that each stroke was easy and without the usual resistance through the water.
As a small woman (oh alright, very small - 4' 8"), I realise I have been struggling with paddling because the surface area of a standard paddle is too great for me to carve through the water with ease (or maybe it's my technique…).
My first go with the Stick was after only 4km of a 14km trip (Porth Dafarch to Rhosneigr): the conditions were lumpy and I expected to have a quick go in a quiet bay and then swap back to my Euro paddle. But once I had tried it, I knew this was the paddle for me, and I had no fear venturing out into the sea conditions with an unfamiliar paddle.
Your first reaction is that the Anglesey Stick is a lovely object to handle - beautifully smooth, attractive to look at and very light and comfortable to hold. Adjusting to the new style of stroke came quickly and felt natural within minutes. There was no longer a constant feeling of struggling to correct my direction due to windage or current, I just seemed to go where I intended without effort. The slight tendency to flutter was quickly overcome by experimenting with angle of entry.
On this occasion, as the sea was fairly wild, I did not feel I mastered a speedy stroke but given practice in calmer conditions, I believe this will improve. Having paddled 10km with a brand new type of paddle, I expected to feel stiff around my shoulders and arms but not a bit of it! My arms did feel tired in the evening but I had no stiffness at all in subsequent days.
In conclusion, I love my Anglesey Stick - thank you!"
Catherine Monk, Anglesey
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